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This membership has been designed to make Argentina hunting and fishing easier to book and simple in terms of payments.

We offer 3 types of Memberships: the Silver Membership that includes 10 trips for 10 years, the Golden Membership that includes 20 trips for 10 years, and the Platinum Membership that includes 30 trips for 10 years (exclusive for Pointer’s guests/clients).

As a Pointer Membership owner, you will have 10, 20, or 30 trips to use in a 10 year period. You are going to be able to hunt doves, ducks, perdiz and fish different species such as Trout and Dorado, choosing among our programs: Dove Hunting, Mixed Bag, Duck & Perdiz, Cast & Blast and Fishing. This is the most flexible membership you could dream of.

Each trip includes five night lodging, all meals, all beverages, all transportation and use of hunting fields. The only exclusions are: gun rental, hunting license, shells, and gratuities/service.
A maximum of 6 spots can be used per trip but you can always add more hunters or fishermen. Membership pays for itself since you’ll be able to make these trips within 10 years saving up to 70%.

  • SILVER MEMBERSHIP (10 trips)
  • GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP (20 trips)

*Special membership for Pointer’s guests.


Which benefits do you get with your membership?

  • 9 different lodges to choose from, listed on this website.
  • 10, 20, or 30 open trips depending on your membership.
  • 10 years to take all trips.
  • 5 nights in each trip.


Terms and conditions

  • Accommodations (based on double occupancy) and all meals.
  • Airport transfers and ground transportation for every hunt.
  • Soft drinks, beer, and wine in the field.
  • Wine at dinner & alcohol at the bar.
  • Lavish asado (meat) lunches in the field.
  • Land Lease Fee.


  • Gun rental.
  • Hunting Licenses.
  • Shell Boxes.
  • Gratuities.


  • Upgrade to single room.
  • Late Checkout.
  • Massages.
  • Shop & cigars.
  • Laundry.
  • City tours, horse riding and other activities.
  • Shop & cigars.


  • Maximum of 6 hunters or 3 fishermen per trip as members.
  • Minimum 3 trips in 10 years.
  • Option to extend your membership.
  • One owner per membership.
  • Any person authorized by the MEMBER can make the trip.
  • The MEMBER does not need to be on every trip.
  • Other hunters/fishermen can be added.
  • Possible to make more than one trip a year.



Booking All Flights
Our travel itineraries provide a clear picture for all travelers. Our service offers the possibility to put in contact with travel agents that work with Pointer so that they can book your flight giving you information on rates, booking conditions, features, availability, and dates according to your needs.

Private Planes
If you’re coming with a big group (or not) why not to take the chance to travel on a private plane? We offer private charter services to every group travelling from Buenos Aires to Cordoba or Santa Fe. Contact us for good deals!

Personalized Services
We customize trips regarding every customer wishes and expectations.

Feel free to choose the flight itinerary that you consider convenient for your trip and we’ll do the rest. Our team will provide you within minutes an itinerary that adjusts to your preferences and needs.

Last Minute Assistance
Are you wondering what to pack for your next trip? Or you didn’t realize that you’ll need transfers once you’re in your destination? If you have this or any other questions, contact us and we’ll make sure to assist you.

Emergency Help
We understand that when you travel to a foreign country the more help you are able to get, the better. A member of our team will send you an email before your leave and give you an emergency contact number so that if delays or unexpected issues happen you can contact us immediately. We will try to help you as far as we are able to.

Other Services
We provide ground transportation to the lodge/resort or hotel at a great price to make it hassle-free. Also, if you're considering doing a city tour we'll organize it for you!


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Online Payments

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